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I got some news a couple of nights ago that pissed me off. Doesn't matter what the news was, it was the sort of thing whose only appreciable impact on my life is how I react to it. I'd be lying if I said it didn't still piss me off. But fortunately, I've got better ways to feel and for the most part, I've been in a pretty damned good mood since the morning after (indulging my bitchy side and mentally composing a multitude of "fuck you!" blog posts that I'll never actually write has been a significant contributor to this.)

Instead, I'm writing this.

I just want to give a huge thank you. To the gods, to friends, to everyone who's been so supportive of me and Gavin for the last couple of years now, for anyone who's helped in any way, offered help, or wanted to but couldn't for some reason, even something as seemingly insignificant as a virtual hug, has made some difference. To everyone who's stuck by us and given half a damn. Thank you. We are so blessed, and things are just getting better.

I'd like to offer a list (certainly not exhaustive, I'd be here all night) of thine things for which we are particularly thankful right now.

-For having moved to Eugene, necessary mistake that it was. I haven't written a lot about it, but after moving to Eugene, a lot of things got worse for us than they were in Baltimore. Thankfully, money wasn't one of those things and one of the great blessings of living there was that it quickly put us in a position to get to someplace much better for us.

-For moving to Portland. Eight months in Eugene, and by the end of the first week, it was already feeling like a distant bad memory. Two weeks beyond that, it barely crosses my mind. When we moved to Eugene, we were so thankful to be out of Baltimore. Now, we're thankful to be in Eugene, but we're even more thankful to be in Portland. Three weeks here, and if we had to leave tomorrow, I couldn't tell you how sad I would be after this short of a time.

-For my job. The one for which I shouldn't have even gotten an interview. The one for which they broke rules to hire me. A job I've done before and liked doing. One that I'm good at.

-For our new apartment. Getting it was a fiasco. And then we got here and found out that it wasn't supposed to be ready for at least another week. but the maintenance guy and the leasing agent (and a friend of the leasing agent!) rolled up their sleeves and had it usable in just a couple of hours. There's still a bit of cosmetic work to be done, but that will be taken care of this week.

-For the movers. We were supposed to have a friend help us move, but when we were forced to change our plans a move a week later, he was no longer able to help (though we were still grateful that he was originally going to). After the last experience that we had with movers, we were very reluctant- but had no choice. These guys were so much better than we could have asked for from a moving service. (Uptown Movers out of Marion, Oregon if anyone needs a mover- I highly recommend them.)

-for the leasing agent from the apartment that we didn't take who was really nice and told us a bit not only about the area where that apartment was, but also about the area that we ultimately moved to. We were originally going to go with her apartment, but after we handed in our deposit, we then noticed some fatal flaws that made the place completely unworkable for us. She offered our deposit back without us even asking, when legally, the company was perfectly entitled to keep it.

-For my commute, if you can believe that. It's really silly, but every day I head off for work, and I sit there on the train and I get a little excited when it gets to the arena and I can see the western side of the city looming across the river. It just makes me a little giddy for some reason. I love that Portland straddles a river. And that we live in the free rail zone, where we can take the light rail and street car for free. I still have to get a transit pass because I use it every day to get to work- but I get to buy it for half price through my office- something else to be thankful for! Oh, and TriMet in general. I love the public transportation system here. I love how they post the arrivals of trains and busses and update them in real time.

-I am thankful for Gavin, the one I love, who has been here with me through everything, who has kept me from losing it completely more times than she will ever know. Everything is so much better with her here.

-I'm thankful that, since everything else has worked out and there are so many things that we don't have to worry about anymore, that figuring out ongoing spiritual issues of the last few years has also improved greatly and more so than ever, relationships with the gods are truly improving again, and new things are happening as well. Shortly before Christmas, I started working on getting to know Ares. It's going slowly at this point, but I believe it's as real as anything else has been, and I also believe that he helped us out at least as much as Apollo and Hermes, and I also believe that he has, at least a bit so far, helped me with some personal things with which I don't really know that I'm entirely capable of handling entirely on my own. For all of this, I am most grateful because without them, I don't believe that any of this would be possible.

So I'd just like to say that I am thankful for all this and so much more- beyond words.

Also, I was fairly amused when I was first writing this post on Friday. On my way to work, I was doing it the old fashioned way- in a notebook to be transcribed later. I had my iPod on shuffle, a play list of about eleven hundred songs. The song Peaceful world by John Mellencamp came up, and the line "Money's good, work's okay. Looks like everything is rollin' our way" played just as I was writing about my job. So I shamelessly borrowed it for my subject line.

Oh, and I can't remember the last time I played a video game. (It's an inside joke!)
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Gavin and I went out yesterday, hopped a bus over to Springfiled so we could get her some slippers and then go to Michael's. On the way, we stopped at Oakway center to go to this place called Cafe Yumm! which is a small chain here in the Pacific Northwest- mostly in Oregon, but I think trhere are a few in Washington and Idaho also. We first discovered them during the first trip to the urgent care center when Gavin couldn't breathe.

Their menu is extremely limited but we've found two things that we like there, and like them enough to not worry that nothing else on the menu really interests us- we don't exactly eat there every day so it's not a big deal. Those two items are pretty simple, but so good that we don't care. We get a cheese quesedilla with chicken added to it, and a turkey sandwich. The cheese is soooo good and uh,, the turkey is really good.

They use Veganaise for their mayonnaise. Now...we've both seen it in the store and never had any interest in trying it (I'm not much of a fan of mayonnaise in general, if I use it at all, I basically put just enough on the bread to say there's some there...and then I scrape off s much as I can.) but the first time we were there, I ordered the quesedilla, Gavin ordered the turkey sandwich and asked for mayonnaise. when the food came, we tried a bite of each other's food, and ended up just splitting it so we each had half of each. We both commented on how the mayonnaise was particularly good. The next time we were there, we ordered the same. Only i was actually looking at the register screen that time and I saw "veganaise" come up when I asked for mayonnaise.

So we've both discovered that veganaise is surprisingly really good.

Anyway, we had lunch there, and then had a bit to go before the next bus came by to Springfield, so we stopped in Borders. My birthday was two days ago, and Gavin got me my birthday present- a recipe book. I've got this file folder full of recipes ripped from magazine pages that I've been trying, and wanting to put the good ones somewhere a bit more permanent. I was going to get a book with lemons on the front but then Gavin showed me one covered in food with cute little faces. I took that one. (Also, that one didn't have pre-dedicated sections like the lemon one did, and I don't need a whole section on say, fish.)

And we got our Christmas tree. we were not expecting to get a tree at a bookstore, but I found one and it was perfect- it's two feet tall and's black. We got a black Christmas tree.

At Michael's, we got a bunch of beads to make ornaments for it. I might get some colored ribbon to wrap around it as a garland. I'll post pictures when it's up.

Woohoo! Christmas Tree!


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