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Gavin and I went out yesterday, hopped a bus over to Springfiled so we could get her some slippers and then go to Michael's. On the way, we stopped at Oakway center to go to this place called Cafe Yumm! which is a small chain here in the Pacific Northwest- mostly in Oregon, but I think trhere are a few in Washington and Idaho also. We first discovered them during the first trip to the urgent care center when Gavin couldn't breathe.

Their menu is extremely limited but we've found two things that we like there, and like them enough to not worry that nothing else on the menu really interests us- we don't exactly eat there every day so it's not a big deal. Those two items are pretty simple, but so good that we don't care. We get a cheese quesedilla with chicken added to it, and a turkey sandwich. The cheese is soooo good and uh,, the turkey is really good.

They use Veganaise for their mayonnaise. Now...we've both seen it in the store and never had any interest in trying it (I'm not much of a fan of mayonnaise in general, if I use it at all, I basically put just enough on the bread to say there's some there...and then I scrape off s much as I can.) but the first time we were there, I ordered the quesedilla, Gavin ordered the turkey sandwich and asked for mayonnaise. when the food came, we tried a bite of each other's food, and ended up just splitting it so we each had half of each. We both commented on how the mayonnaise was particularly good. The next time we were there, we ordered the same. Only i was actually looking at the register screen that time and I saw "veganaise" come up when I asked for mayonnaise.

So we've both discovered that veganaise is surprisingly really good.

Anyway, we had lunch there, and then had a bit to go before the next bus came by to Springfield, so we stopped in Borders. My birthday was two days ago, and Gavin got me my birthday present- a recipe book. I've got this file folder full of recipes ripped from magazine pages that I've been trying, and wanting to put the good ones somewhere a bit more permanent. I was going to get a book with lemons on the front but then Gavin showed me one covered in food with cute little faces. I took that one. (Also, that one didn't have pre-dedicated sections like the lemon one did, and I don't need a whole section on say, fish.)

And we got our Christmas tree. we were not expecting to get a tree at a bookstore, but I found one and it was perfect- it's two feet tall and's black. We got a black Christmas tree.

At Michael's, we got a bunch of beads to make ornaments for it. I might get some colored ribbon to wrap around it as a garland. I'll post pictures when it's up.

Woohoo! Christmas Tree!


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