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Dec. 24th, 2010 08:01 pm
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Was just talking to my mom. Was not intending to mention the whole thing about looking for a job in Portland and gonna move there until I had actually secured a job. But she was talking about sending me a package which is likely going to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday and without thinking, I immediately responded "but I'm not going to be here Wednesday." So she asked where Gavin would be. I said that she might or might not be with me, not sure yet. She was all "Erf?" so I said I was going to Portland. She asked what I was doing up there and I said I had a job interview.

She asked what the position was, and I told her it was for a video and teleconferencing technician with Lockheed Martin.

Her next question was "UM, what makes you think you're qualified to do that?"


Um....that whole two and a half years in video and teleconferencing support? Besides, do you think I would have even gotten a call if they thought I wasn't qualified? I informed her of what the manager who interviewed me over the phone told me. And her response was basically just "Oh, okay, that's cool."

Oh, and she insisted that she had no idea that I was working in video and teleconferencing. She thought that I was still working for Apple. That ended going on five years ago now.
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