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I know I haven't been posting much- er, at all lately, and I just suddenly fell after the first few of a thirty-day meme. It started when the post for the day was death and rebirth and I wasn't really in the mood to think or write about death and so I was all "Uh, yeah, not so much today" and then I just never got back to it...and then I picked up some temporary employment and wasn't really online at all. I's been pretty cool. I've been doing some political canvassing (really, just telling people that it's time to vote, nothing partisan or particularly controversial, and it's involved surprisingly little actual contact with people so I've had a good bit of time alone in my own head- and gotten paid for it! Plus I've gotten to travel a few days to Salem and Corvalis, though that's not really at all exciting. I have gotten some cool pictures from my walkings-around so I might post some of them too. Awesome trees, things like that. And I discovered an amazing little park full of redwoods just a few blocks from our apartment)

Said employment ends on Tuesday, so if I don't before then, then I hope to get back to things by later this week. I also plan to actually start reading more of people's posts and, y'know, commenting some.

In other news, I've made myself a sweater, just have to finish the second sleeve. Maybe I'll post some pictures if I think about it. I'm pretty excited. Never made one before.

That's all for now.


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