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The last week has been crazy. My company has a thing twice a year where they fly everyone from the other offices here to Portland for a week. It's mostly for other departments to have meetings and stuff, but I think they're trying to- or want to anyway- get support more involved than it has been in the past. But it was cool, I got to meet pretty much everyone in support (we're here, in Atlanta and New York) Plus most of the folks from the other departments (in those offices as well as Boston and LA). Got to go on a river cruise, took home a nice new hoodie and a couple of water bottles (emblazoned with the company logo, of course- and to that I have to say, I'm really glad it's not an ugly logo!)

I think I've decided that if I stick around for a while- and as it stands, definitely planning to- I'm interested in the eventual possibility of working for our Client Data department. I'd met the manager a few weeks back, and then after IMing back and forth with a couple of the guys down there, and then finding out more about what happens in that department yesterday, it seems like it would be something I'd like.

This is vastly different from my previous "Well, I want to get to CPU tier 2 for a while and use that to get the hell out of here" aspirations. When I had my second interview here, with the director of client services,he asked me how I felt about going from a place where I'd been around for a while, had some seniority and really was about as far as I could go without getting into management, to basically being absolute bottom of the heap, I had said that I really saw it as a good thing. It was really a step up, getting hired into a job that actually required some specific skills and knowledge just to get in the door. Being at the very bottom meant that I could actually go somewhere with it, as opposed to using it as merely a stop along the way as a means to something else.

It's also nice to y'know, have a positive income.

Right now, just having a breakfast/lunch of iced coffee with coconut milk some red pepper bisque with goat cheese and some trader joe's broccoli slaw and kale salad (to which i have also added goat cheese!)

I'm liking this being able to feel that things will get better because they actually ARE getting better, and not because I'm just forcing myself to hope and be optimistic that they will because if I don't, I'll go nuts. With basic living now much less of a worry, I have hopes to start being able to go back and really look at some other things in my life that slipped over the last several years.

Also, I have a new ringtone no my phone. I don't know if I'll use it all the time, I've had the some ringtone for years Tchaikovsky's Chinese Dance from the Nutcracker, think I first had it on a phone in 2006 or 2007. But the other day I decided I wanted a bit of a change, and grabbed Everybody Loves Me by One Republic. (I'd been hoping to get somethign by the Smashing Pumpkins- the intro to Tonight Tonight would have been awesome, or just about any bit of Thru the Eyes of Ruby, but they didn't have TTEOR, and the ones that they did have, I didn't like the way the used parts sounded as standalone bits, so...yeah. I think One Republic is probably the only really current band that I much listen to at this point, and it's a fun song.

Off to other things. I'm hoping to read at least one book this weekend, and do some writing. We'll see how that goes.
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