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The thing I mentioned in my last post? STILL hasn't happened. They're now telling us it's guaranteed for tomorrow. That's what they said yesterday about today.

And when I tried to call my ride to work at 830, he didn't answer. I only just got ahold of his ass about five minutes ago when I was ready to say screw it and take a bus. I'm waiting for him now- it'll still be faster than getting on a bus to work.

My latest cullinary creation turned out quite well last night, I think- well, the sauce did. We'll see how well it goes once it's all mixed in with rice and vegetabls and stuff. I know that chicken or vegetable coated in it tastes good,. Next time thought, I thnk I need to actually marinate the chicken in teh stuff to make the flavor a bit more thorough, not just a surface coating.

Basically, I did this: just cooked up some chicken in a bit of olive oil, chopped up some baby corn and broccoli and stirred them in at the end to make them hot and cook them a bit, then tossed it with the sauce. Then throw the whole mess over brown rice.

The sauce was a mixture of about equal parts melted butter and sweet red chilli sauce- I love that stuff and it's so cheap at Trader Joe's- a buck twenty-none a bottle- I think used about four tablespoons of each, maybe. Plus about two tablespoons of chopped garlic and the juice from a large-ish lemon. Next time, I think I'll try a lime or orange to see how it works. Lately, I've been very into cooking with citrus. Started about two months back when I found this recipe for Limehouse Chicken (I modified the recipe a bit to suit our tastes, mostly just omitting the mint and wine, doubling the chicken broth and using two chicken breasts instead of six thighs.)

Got the idea from a meat counter clerk at Fred Meyer. He had mixed butter, chilli sauce and garlic and coated shrimp with them and they set out a tray as samples a couple of weeks ago. Amazing, and ridiculously simple. And I got this idea that adding lemon would be really good. I was right.
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